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If you have not heard of Google Penguin, then your not living in the digital world. In a nutshell, the google penguin was created to fight spammers who use crappy techniques to rank websites. In the month of april, a lot of changes took place, they tweaked their algorithm targeting sites with excessive onpage optimization (high keyword density, keyword stuffing, etc) and later targeting offsite factor.

This new change, code-named Penguin has created a huge buzz among SEOs and bloggers because a lot of legitimate websites were affected. Even quality sites were affected by Google Penguin update, and a lot of webmasters have complained about the  latest algorithmic adjustment.

In order to survive this and race ahead in SEO rankings, these few tweaks and changes will help.

a. Quality content - The phrase is still true to the core even now “Content is King”. If you dont have content, then having a site / blog is of no use. You need to invest in your content as much as the website.

b. Using Anchor Text in your links - Many people who own website or have small and medium businesses, have no idea what is an anchor text and this is ok. People tend to link other websites using the URL itself. You can build links with anchors like,, MY, visit my site. com, HTTP SITE.COM, etc.

c. dofollow and nofollow links - I have read on so many blogs and websites about this and how people question link building opportunities just because those links are nofollow and so this link is not worth buying. PageRank is not all you need. Relevancy, authority and quality are also important links

d. Using long-tail keywords as anchor text - People link to your site because of your content and that’s why you should have to use long-tails as anchor text.

In continuation with our post yesterday Why Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a must for your online business found here, and why #ORM an important activity to go with in your business and professional life. I have listed below just a few free tools which will provide you a small step towards monitoring your reputation.


Google Blog Search - A good tool when you want to filter the data you need or the blogs that you wish to track.

Monitter – A real-time Twitter monitor for your keywords. Read our review here for monitter -

Tweetbeep - Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates!

Backtweets - Searches for your back links on twitter

Google Alerts - Not much of information needed here.

Naymz - This is a one-of-a-kind network that helps you manage and measure your online reputation and earn free products and services for your good name.

Social Mention - Just like Google Alerts but targetted towards the social community

Widfire Monitor - Its a awesome comparison tool and it measures your performance and tracks your Competitors

Addict-o-matic - This is addictive and i like this.

MonitorThis - search for new entries in 25 different search engines

If there are more free tools listed out there, please feel free to comment and add the same or send us an email on

In the online world, nothing is written in pencil which can be erased, it is written in ink and whatever ranted or raved online once indexed will be found and somewhere down the line via search engines will reach your mailbox or in a generic search done.


You cant erase much of what is written especially if you are in any business and you are dealing with negative publicity from either your customer or any other business rival. We have seen a lot of companies with irate customers / business rivals who are quick to jump on the social media wagon and start maligning and smear the name of the company.

When businesses start of with their marketing activities, it is very important to include Online Reputation Management or Monitoring cause if you are good at what you do then you will always have people out to get you. It is very important to know what’s buzzing around about you that influences customer decisions hugely. Be it a product as small as a mobile phone to a LED TV, customers go online and review what others have spoken about it and/or reviewed it and how many stars given and whether it is value for money (VFM).

It is the influence of others and mainly individuals that matter in influencing the end customer to buy what your selling. Word of Mouth marketing still rules and with social media playing an important role, its all about listening to whats happening and what each person is saying or complaining.

Key Points when you have an online business

1. Social media is yet another way to get to know what your customers are talking about you.
2. You must keep a track of every comment / rant/ rave that floats around online and analyze everything that is spoken about you.
3. When you send out Press Releases, review them first as that carries the most amount of information about your brand.
4. Disgrunteled employees of a company are the first faces of your business who go out and talk about the enterprise, so employees matter and the online presence is strong when your employees are happy and satisfied to go out and say good things about you.
5. Keep your eyes and ears open and stay informed about what your competitors say about you as well.

How can you go about it?

1. Setting up Google Alerts to identify the use of your brands in the news
2. Monitoring of websites that are linking to your company URL or where they are mentioned online (this should be an ongoing process).
3. Monitor information about any of your company’s product or service names
4. Use sites such as Twitter, BlogPulse, and Technorati to monitor your brand in blogs
5. Track all names including brand names and key employee names & monitor industry-related sites.

In case you want us to do this for you, drop us a line at for a freemium review.

Weekly Tool Review (4  stars) - Monitter


Monitter is an awesome tool which can be used effectively to understand and monitor what keywords are being used by twitter and the best part of it is, its free to use and its very very simple. We have being using monitter for months now in understanding what #hashtags are being used and what other tags are useful and understanding the social media trend line.

When you log into Monitter, you notice just a simple black screen like below and what you can do is immediately is put in your twitter id like we did for MarketingNxt and see what people are talking about your website.

The other options that you come across on this site are

Swap Colors - This allows you to change the background of the monitter website from black to a lighter shade.

LoadTrends - This will load all the default trends that are currently being followed by Twitter, you can also add another column which you think is important and you want to watch the trends for. In my case, i have added #socialmedia but you can also put in your competitors name or anyone else whose keyword you want to track. 

Load Widgets - This page takes you to the “Pro Twitter Search Widgets” provided by Monitter, i havent used them so i cant really say much on this. But going by the free version of Monitter, i am sure that these paid options are worth a try.


Over the past couple of days, i have been watching and listening to people rant about “SEO is Dead”. To be honest, SEO is not dead and it can never die. As long as you have a website and the website is going to have content and the content needs to be found - then SEO is going to there. How in the world would you optimize your website if you are not going to have keywords for it. And if there are keywords then you need to be found.

More so than the above, these below points will ascertain the fact that SEO will be there as long as the internet will be present, no matter what new comes across.

Google needs SEO - If there was nothing to be indexed or searched then why would Google go all the way and improve their search engine ranking and provide us with the best possible results. We love organic results, as 70% of all searchers will click on an organic results and we don’t go beyond the third page in Google as we hate to scroll.

SEO is the connection between customers and prospects - If you have a business either offering a product and/or service and you want customers to turn into prospects, then you need to make your website search engine optimized and get found online and convert these customers into prospects. If your website - keyword strategy is not sound, then you loose your business, but having the right keywords will definitely get you found online.

Mobile SEO - With more & more smartphones, blackberry’s coming up and people using it daily to search for information, asMobile searchers are even less likely to go beyond the first page and 1 in 3 mobile searches, according to Google, has a local connotation. We don’t go to stores to search for solutions to our problems or for products and services we’re looking for from our phones, we go to search engines.

SEO is the important part of your marketing plan - Although there is email, PR, Social Media, Blog, PPC there is even SEO which drives most of your marketing. Its the piece of the puzzle that if you remove your entire marketing can come to a HALT!!!

If there is anything more to add, please feel free to write to me at