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Over the past couple of days, i have been watching and listening to people rant about “SEO is Dead”. To be honest, SEO is not dead and it can never die. As long as you have a website and the website is going to have content and the content needs to be found - then SEO is going to there. How in the world would you optimize your website if you are not going to have keywords for it. And if there are keywords then you need to be found.

More so than the above, these below points will ascertain the fact that SEO will be there as long as the internet will be present, no matter what new comes across.

Google needs SEO - If there was nothing to be indexed or searched then why would Google go all the way and improve their search engine ranking and provide us with the best possible results. We love organic results, as 70% of all searchers will click on an organic results and we don’t go beyond the third page in Google as we hate to scroll.

SEO is the connection between customers and prospects - If you have a business either offering a product and/or service and you want customers to turn into prospects, then you need to make your website search engine optimized and get found online and convert these customers into prospects. If your website - keyword strategy is not sound, then you loose your business, but having the right keywords will definitely get you found online.

Mobile SEO - With more & more smartphones, blackberry’s coming up and people using it daily to search for information, asMobile searchers are even less likely to go beyond the first page and 1 in 3 mobile searches, according to Google, has a local connotation. We don’t go to stores to search for solutions to our problems or for products and services we’re looking for from our phones, we go to search engines.

SEO is the important part of your marketing plan - Although there is email, PR, Social Media, Blog, PPC there is even SEO which drives most of your marketing. Its the piece of the puzzle that if you remove your entire marketing can come to a HALT!!!

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