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Weekly Tool Review (4  stars) - Monitter


Monitter is an awesome tool which can be used effectively to understand and monitor what keywords are being used by twitter and the best part of it is, its free to use and its very very simple. We have being using monitter for months now in understanding what #hashtags are being used and what other tags are useful and understanding the social media trend line.

When you log into Monitter, you notice just a simple black screen like below and what you can do is immediately is put in your twitter id like we did for MarketingNxt and see what people are talking about your website.

The other options that you come across on this site are

Swap Colors - This allows you to change the background of the monitter website from black to a lighter shade.

LoadTrends - This will load all the default trends that are currently being followed by Twitter, you can also add another column which you think is important and you want to watch the trends for. In my case, i have added #socialmedia but you can also put in your competitors name or anyone else whose keyword you want to track. 

Load Widgets - This page takes you to the “Pro Twitter Search Widgets” provided by Monitter, i havent used them so i cant really say much on this. But going by the free version of Monitter, i am sure that these paid options are worth a try.