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Weekly Tool Review (4  stars) - Monitter


Monitter is an awesome tool which can be used effectively to understand and monitor what keywords are being used by twitter and the best part of it is, its free to use and its very very simple. We have being using monitter for months now in understanding what #hashtags are being used and what other tags are useful and understanding the social media trend line.

When you log into Monitter, you notice just a simple black screen like below and what you can do is immediately is put in your twitter id like we did for MarketingNxt and see what people are talking about your website.

The other options that you come across on this site are

Swap Colors - This allows you to change the background of the monitter website from black to a lighter shade.

LoadTrends - This will load all the default trends that are currently being followed by Twitter, you can also add another column which you think is important and you want to watch the trends for. In my case, i have added #socialmedia but you can also put in your competitors name or anyone else whose keyword you want to track. 

Load Widgets - This page takes you to the “Pro Twitter Search Widgets” provided by Monitter, i havent used them so i cant really say much on this. But going by the free version of Monitter, i am sure that these paid options are worth a try.

All of us use Linkedin each day and by far it is one of the most important sites for business and jobs. Over 100 million professionals across the globe use LinkedIn’s network to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. It is the most important tool for professionals to highlight their profiles to employers, business companies use it to show what they are made of. Linkedin’s popularity is growing, and one of the reasons for this site to grow is the applications provided free of cost.

Linkedin is not just about connections but a carefully crafted structure on Linkedin and usage of the tools make it a very important tool for individuals and business houses as well. To access the Linkedin applications, you need to go to this link [] and below are some of the applications which you will come across.

1. WordPress – Having a blog on WordPress is FREE and nowadays everybody has a blog on which they showcase their talents. It can be anything ranging from a travelogue blog or technology blog or could be just about anything. This application synchs your posts automatically with your LinkedIn profile and also displays your posts, and after you have synced it with Twitter, you can do a posting here and it will reflect on your twitter profile.

2. SlideShare Presentations – Again a very good tool to showcase your presentation. It could either be a individual presentation or a company presentation, this tool allows you to display and share your presentations within the group. If you are a powerpoint guru, then this would be a right place to showcase your presentation skills. If you are a technology company, then this would be the right place to showcase your company prowess.

3. Events – This application shows what events people on your network are attending and helps you find events recommended for you based on your industry and job function. You can also view the most popular events, search for events and create new ones. This application is great for making connections prior to attending a conference, or following up.

4. Google Presentation – This is similar to Slideshare but it is here directly connected to your google account. For this, you dont need to have a new account, you can simply use your gmail login to get inside and create a presentation and then sync the same with your linkedin profile.

5. Company Buzz – This tool is of the most powerful tools to have on your side. It allows you to tap into information stream to find relevant trends and comments about any company including yours. It helps to discover relevant trends and comments about your current employer or a target employer. You can customize and modify the topics to watch, monitor trends and display charts that track activity.

6. Tweets – This application needs not much of an introduction. With this, you can display your most recent tweets on your LinkedIn profile. This tool also gives you instant access to the updates of people you are following on Twitter and the power to tweet, reply, and re-tweet — all from your LinkedIn home page.

7. Polls – An awesome data collecting utility. With this nifty tool, you can raise all your queries and get the experts to answer it for you. Polls can be highly beneficial if you are into the research and opinion section, it tells you a lot of information.

8. Projects and Teamspaces – An awesome collaboration tool especially when you have a team spread across. It can be used for any kind of activity such as software development, event planning and more. And the best part of this, is that you get an unlimited workspace.

9. Reading List by Amazon – With this you know what other people are reading and if you felt like reading any book and wanted to know other people’s opinion, this would help.

10. Portfolio Display – A creative tool used not only by creative people but anybody would benefit from this. The tool will help in presenting creative projects done for past clients or for your personal portfolio. Also can be used to showcase the creative talent to recruiters and professional contacts viewing your profile.

11. – Box is a simple, scalable and affordable solution to manage documents, media and all the content online. You can Share files as a link and also sync with the desktop.

I have left out a few other apps as i personally haven’t used them but if you have used them, please feel free to comment or drop me a note.

imageTwitter is one of the most widely used platforms for social interaction, be it for just social updates or acquiring new customers or just being yourself online and get your life on the web one tweet at a time. A lot of companies have begun using twitter in a variety of ways and these include companies like Comcast, Dell and many more. The main idea of this post is to give small and medium business (SMB) and startups and anybody who wants to make a difference in the twitter verse.

Finding new Customers on Twitter

Being on twitter and not being a part of the conversation is like coffee without sugar, you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities and also a lot of potential customers, I’m just not saying this but it’s true.

So if you are in the business of creating software’s or android apps or just want to be of any help, tweeting and providing a solution will not only win you a client but a long time customer. Product companies can also benefit from the twitter world by knowing the latest trend and providing the same. Even if they don’t have purchase anything from you now but as long as they are following you, there is always hope for some business.

How to Use Twitter to get more followers

1. You need to go to twitter search or just use this link - and enter the words that relate to your business. If you are into android apps then use that or else if you are helpdesk solutions or virtual office, you can enter that word and click on search.

2. Check which questions are most relevant to you and the ones that you can answer? If you feel that the questions cannot be answered now, just get into a conversation with them and build your community

3. The main things here is to find your niche and provide updates accordingly. It is not a hard and fast rule to send updates to all as then you would be spamming them.

The most important aspect here is to build a relationship and trust among the twitter universe. Feel free to add more on this and also looking forward to your comments, write to us at or visit